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    Vanraj ousts Anuj, Aadhya and Anupama from Shah house in Anupamaa

    Anupamaa, starring Rupali and Gaurav, has been making headlines. Since its premiere, the show has been the TRP leader, and its current plot is attracting a lot of attention. We've all watched Anu travel to America in search of employment, how she secures a position as a server, and how she goes on to compete in the Superstar Chef competition.
    After winning, she joined the Spice and Chutney restaurant as a co-owner.In the midst of this, she had to deal with every other circumstance in her life where her daughter Aadhya detested her and she was apart from Anuj, the love of her life. In order for Anu to permanently leave their lives, Aadhya desires Anuj to wed Shruti. Anupamaa visited India in the most recent episodes to attend Dimpy and Titu's wedding.
    In addition, Anuj and Adhya travel to India for the nuptials. Shruti has been uneasy, so she asks Aadhya to watch Anuj and Anu. Adhya ensures that Anuj stays away from Anu. Because Anu loved Pari more than Aadhya, Aadhya has been hating Anu for it. She also remembers the accident in which Anu left Aadhya to save Pari first.
    Adhya misinterprets Anu and believes that her primary concern is Pari. Adhya harbours animosity towards Pari as well, believing that she has robbed her of her joy. We recently witnessed Aadhya playing hide-and-seek with the children and locking Pari in the store room during Titu and Dimpy's mehendi ceremony.
    Then, because she is exhausted, Aadhya asks Anuj to drive her back to the hotel. The children look for one another and ask Pari and Aadhya's whereabouts. When they inquire with the family, everyone replies that Aadhya has departed. But they are unable to locate Pari. Anu encourages everyone to look for Pari right now.
    She discovers Pari unconscious and locked in the storage room. She questions Aadhya about it the following day and has concerns about her right away. Anu berates Aadhya for putting Pari's life at danger.
    Anupamaa’s Sudhanshu Pandey aka Vanraj: Kunwar Amar is one-take dance artist

    Anupamaa wants Aadhya to reflect on what she has been doing in the next episodes and forbids her from doing it with anybody else. When Vanraj discovers this exchange, he lashes out at Anu and Aadhya. He will become angry and even scream at Anuj for failing to instill manners in Aadhya. When Anuj learns what Aadhya did to Pari, he will be shocked. Vanraj will request that Anu, Anuj, and Aadhya leave the Shah residence right away and skip the wedding.