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    Abhira gets Ruhi's haldi on her hand even before Ruhi does in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

    Tonight's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode begins with a man pleading for Abhira's (Samridhii Shukla) assistance. Abhira spots Armaan (Rohit Purohit) at a window and prays for his safety. She tells the man she cannot return home and urges him to take the banner. As Armaan sees Abhira, he starts running, with Krish chasing after him and telling him to stop. Meanwhile, Dadi and the others watch intently. Abhira departs, and Armaan convinced that he saw her, insists he received a sign. Dadi dismisses this as an illusion and proceeds to clean the banner. Meanwhile, Madhav regains consciousness, and Armaan calls out to him, torn between choosing love or family. 
    Vidya arrives, comforting Armaan by letting him rest on her lap. On the other hand, Madhav, murmuring Abhira's name, attempts to move his hand. Vidya reassures Armaan that her happiness depends on his and mentions his absence at the Haldi ceremony, noting his sacrifice of love for family. She tells him the family has been convinced, and he's getting his love back, questioning if he's afraid to lose it again.

    Vidya encourages Armaan to join her as everyone is waiting. Madhav struggles to rise, and Sanjay instructs the doctor to inform him when Madhav is fully conscious. Ruhi calls Dadi, inquiring about Armaan and sensing something amiss. Dadi hesitates but eventually says Armaan is dizzy, delaying the haldi ceremony. Manish, insisting on the truth, reveals they are all waiting. A bouquet and gift arrive for Ruhi, accompanied by an apology note from Armaan. Delighted, Ruhi shows Manish the jewellery gift, convinced it's from Armaan. Dadi reassures Charu and asks her to prepare for the haldi, as Armaan will soon join them. Ruhi expresses her readiness, but Krish suspects Armaan didn't send the gift, which Dadi confirms. 

    Abhira accidentally gets haldi on her:
    Vidya brings Armaan downstairs, and Dadi initiates the haldi ritual. As the ceremony proceeds, Armaan is preoccupied with thoughts of Abhira. Vidya reminds him of his impending marriage. After the ritual, he excuses himself. Dadi assures everyone that it's normal not to sing and dance during a second marriage. Vidya is asked to send haldi for Ruhi, which Krish, Kiara, and Aryan take to her, discussing Abhira along the way. Suddenly, Abhira appears in front of their car, causing Krish to stop abruptly. 
    With the car broken down, Abhira notices the haldi and offers to drive them, as taxis are unavailable due to a strike. Despite Krish's suggestion to speak with Armaan, Abhira declines. They set off, with Abhira holding the haldi bowl, and Krish notices haldi on her hand, smiling. Meanwhile, Ruhi eagerly awaits the haldi's arrival. Abhira invites them to visit her in Mussoorie, sharing her experience of finding a chorus gang when she had no siblings. After a heartfelt hug, she says goodbye, declaring she cannot meet anyone at the moment. Manish arrives, questioning her reluctance to see him. She tearfully apologises, citing her urgency and saying that nothing at the house belongs to her, only to Ruhi.

    Precap for the next episode:
    In the precap, Armaan confesses his love for Abhira, declaring he cannot marry Ruhi, leaving her in shock. Abhira, on the other hand, remains under the impression that Armaan is marrying Ruhi.