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    Baa and Kavya join hands against Anupamaa in Star Plus Anupamaa!

    Shocking turn on Star Plus popular serial Anupama.

    Upcoming episode viewers will get to see Shah family all set to celebrate Samar's  birthday.

     Where we will get to see entire family enjoying dancing partying after long time which will not go well with Kavya,

    Kavya who will be eyeing for an opportunity to destroy the party find any chance to create a drama.

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    Kavya is already upset with Vanraj for spending his savings on buying a guitar for Samar to gift on his surprise birthday party.

    Knowing the truth Kavya will be seen arguing with Vanraj not give Samar such an expensive gift.

    Later Anupama will use the celebration time to address the main issue in Samar's life, that is Samar and Nandini's engagement. 

    Anupamaa will bring Samar and Nandini together and ask Baa to accept their relationship.

    This will not go well with Baa and she will disapproving their relationship once again.

    Using this opportunity letter Kavya will brainwash against ANupamaa.

    Later will get to see Baa stand against Anupamaa about the relationship which summer and Nandini shares Kavya will be seen enjoying the growing distance between Anupama and Baa.

    Will Anupam be able to understand the plan of Kavya?

    I will Vanraj accepting Samar Nandini's relationship keep reading this space for more exciting and exclusive updates on Star Plus popular show Anupamaa.