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    Manish SLAMS Poddars for ruining Ruhi’s Life in YRKKH

     YRKKH: Manish slams Poddar Family

    Star Plus' "Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai" continues to captivate viewers with its gripping narrative and intense drama.

    It seems that Armaan is not happy with Ruhi as he will realise that he loves Abhira.

    This is going to leave a huge impact as Armaan will decide to leave Ruhi on wedding mandap as he will go behind Abhira.

    Ruhi will be broken as she never imagined that Armaan will leave her at this junction of life.

    Manish will take offence to this situation as his family name and fame has got tarnished due to Armaan’s move.

    He will slam Kaveri and the entire Poddar Family for ruining his granddaughter Ruhi’s happiness by forcing Armaan to marry her against his wishes.

    Kaveri will be equally stunned as she never imagined that Armaan will go against her wishes and leave Ruhi waiting for him in the mandap.

    Armaan lost in loveArmaan will be seen lost in love and starts his search for Abhira.

    Will Ruhi be able to forgive Armaan for cheating on her once again?

    Will Armaan and Abhira be able to unite or not?

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