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    Dabang Savi EXPOSE Mentally Unstable Bhanwar Patil in GHKKPM

    GHKKPM: Savi exposes mentally unstable Bhanwar Patil

    Popular drama series Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is constantly high on drama. The storyline is filled with lots of interesting twists and turns.
    It was earlier seen that Savi will be shocked to know that Ishaan is being blamed for Suman’s death.

    She will be seen sneaking inside Suman’s house to know the truth.

    She will get hold of a laptop that has recorded how Bahnwar Patil murdered Suman and put the blame on Ishaan.

    This is going to be the biggest turning point of the show as Savi will risk her life to save Ishaan.

    She will further prove that Bhanwar Patil is mentally unstable and due to that he had been transferred from his earlier post.

    One of Bhanwar’s friends will reveal that Bhanwar is very unpredictable and due to his obsession, a girl had even committed suicide.
    Ishaan proved innocence
    Savi will be seen giving proves to the police to set Ishaan free.

    Will Savi and Ishaan be able to unite once again or not?

    Will Bhanwar get arrested for his crime or not?

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