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    Upcoming Story! Anuj takes a big step for Anupama's happiness in Anupamaa

     In the upcoming story of Anupama, Anuj will make a big decision for Anupama's sake.

    The current story of Anupama revolves around Anupama being in an emotionally burdening situation where she needs to look after both the Shahs and the Kapadias.

    Leela is in a critical condition with Toshu and Kinjal leaving the country which leaves only Kavya and Dimpy to take care of Hasmukh and Leela.

    As per the latest twists of Anupama, Anupama will be stuck in the Kapadia mansion due to Anu being sick.

    Leela and Hasmukh get hurt and Anuj goes to check on them in Anupama's place as they have no one else to look after them.

    Anuj will bring Hasmukh and Leela to the Kapadia mansion with him as he cannot see Anupama stressed all the time.

    Anupama is happy to see Hasmukh and Leela all right and feels grateful to have Anuj in her life as he understands her all the time.

    Let us see in the future episodes of Anupama how Hasmukh and Leela's entry into the Kapadia house changes Anuj and Anupama's daily lives.