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    Shocker and bomber for Manish for Roohi expresses real name of who’s in her heart in YRKKH

     YRKKH: Manish brings the marriage proposal on table Roohi makes assumptions for ArmaanIn the upcoming episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fans can see the clearly drawn confusion.

    As of now Roohi meets Armaan and she slips into love with Diwali bringing the confession on love.

    Following the same Vidya has come to meet Goenka’s as they have selected Roohi as Rohit’s wife.

    There Manish wants to talk to Roohi before gliding into the decision and Roohi is in dilemma now.

    As od now, Roohi thinks Armaan is too good to help the Poddar family while the reality is hiding.

    Roohi sees the excitement on Manish’s face where she hears about the story that Vidya brought.

    Thereof Roohi makes her feelings talk as she mentions about loving someone else and not Rohit.

    Roohi unaware of the truthAs Roohi has no idea that Armaan too belongs to the Poddar house she refuses for linking with them.

    Will Roohi discover that Armaan is another Poddar brother whom she loves and wants to marry??

    How will Armaan handle the situation as Roohi gets selected for Rohit and not him??

    Stay tuned and keep watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai..