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    Santosh Next SIYAPPPA Hampers Sahiba Life in Teri Meri Doriyaan

    Teri Meri Doriyaan: cyber trust her parents to not let Gary and Seerat wed

    The news of weight lossing of carry and Seerat has created a Buzz among be was of star plus one of the most loud shows Teri Meri Doria. 
    With the bombarding of this absolute shocker news by Angad on event of his birthday put Sahiba in it is dangerous situation where she straight forwardly Denise to let Gary marry Seerat. 

    Jasleen gets hyped up with idea of Gary and Seerat marriage as it is the ticket to Garry's entry into Brar mantion and business and she suggest Garry to treat Seerat like an old furniture after marriage.

    Kiara entry in the current plot has added spice with Sahiba based on their class. 

    Santosh Gets On wrong track
    Santosh is about to go against Ajit to support Seerat decision of marrying Gary and will show affirmation towards Angad decision.

    Will they step by Santosh ruin Sahiba's married life?

    In the latest promo Seerat and Angad are holding hands while Seerat takes promise of continuous support in marriage with Garry from Angad.
    Sahiba will become insecure from Seerat entry into Brar mansion. 

    Is Seerat again committing and action worth repent.