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    BIGGEST LIE! Atharva To Introduce Chini As Kairi Mother And His Wifey in Imlie

    Imlie: Imlie Question To get a twisted Answer Atharva to lie as a revenge 
    Star Plus drama rollar-coaster serial Imlie is escalating on drama stakes with each passing episode.
    In the latest episode when crying Imlie asked about Kairi mother Chini who entered their at the right time gets crowned with the status at the right time. 

    In the upcoming story we will see Imlie leaving Goa after being deceived by Atharva. 

    With the developing drama Chini who is finally given rights of Kairi Mother will grow possessive about her and Artto leading to peddle on the same track of evilness again after years. 

    Kairi and Imlie To Meet 
    With overheating Monkey Paa and Bestfriend conversation Kairi will learn about her real mother to find who she is. 

    Both Atharva and Chini would be unaware about Kairi leaving all alone discreetly to find her mother.

    Destiny to make Kairi and Imlie meet 
    Kairi and Imlie would soon meet in by wonders of destiny. 

    Kairi venture would turn dangerous for her as per the latest spoilers from the sets here Imlie would save her daughter.