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    Clear Cut! Dimpydeman demand Sam ar’s share Shah House in Anupamaa


    Anupama rules on the television screens. It is a remake of Star Jalsha's Bengali series Sreemoyee, produced by Rajan and Deepa Shahi under the auspices of Director's Kut Productions. 

    It seems that Dimpy will overhear Vanraj discussing about Shah House in front of Pakhi and Toshu.

    She will realize that Vanraj Pakhi and Toshu are planning to sell Shah House.

    Dimpy will be seen going to Vanraj and making it very clear that she will also need Samar’s share in the house for Ansh.

    Vanraj will be shocked as he never imagined that Dimpy will talk to him in this fashion.

    Titu will try to stop Dimpy but Dimpy will not stop as she will be seen taking stand for her own family.

    Pakhi Toshu blame Titu Shockingly greedy Toshu and Pakhi will start blaming Titu for brainwashing Dimpy as she has changed after her marriage.

    Vanraj will be seen in dilemma as he is not able to figure out his next move.

    Will Vanraj be able to go against Anupama and sell this house or not?