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    WHAT! Paritosh secretly scheming against Anupamaa in Anupamaa

     Anupama: WHAT! Paritosh secretly scheming against Anupama 

    Star Plus most popular Hindi TV serial Anupama is about to see further a major turning point in the upcoming episode.

    As per the ongoing storyline, we see how Anupama is back to work.

    Here Paritosh surprises her by asking for the waiter job.

    The story here on takes an intriguing U-turn because this comes unexpected for Anupama.

    However, she is happy and so she gives him a warm welcome when he dresses up like a waiter.

    Interestingly, not everything is going to like what we are seeing right now.

    Paritosh's real motive 

    Paritosh is happy joining Anupama and the latter feels proud that finally he is working.

    In reality, Paritosh is secretly scheming against Anupama and everything will get more complicated once again.

    Do you think, Anupama can know his truth before it is too late?

    Let's see what will happen next and what big drama unfolds.

    The show is bringing in some quite interesting and intriguing twists, so stay tuned to get all the latest updates every minute.