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    Toofan in Anupama's life, Yashdeep blame Anupama post heartbreak in Anupamaa

     Anupama: Toofan in Anupama's life, Yashdeep blame Anupama post heartbreak

    Get ready for some exciting twists and turns in the popular Star Plus serial Anupama boasts a talented cast including Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, and Gaurav Khanna.

    It seems Anupama's life was getting back on track where she is all happy to start her new day at work.

    But everything seems to be shattered.

    Suddenly some people barge in to take away the Super Chef trophy won by Anupama and they break the glass of the cafe too.

    Anupama wants to know the reason when Yashdeep comes blaming Anupama about her mistake this time.

    Earlier Yashdeep had always been supportive towards Anupama and always saved her from major trouble in her life.

    This time Yashdeep is sorry and he does not support Anupama.

    Anuj to help Anupama once again in tough hour

    Anuj also gets to see the state of Anupama.

    Will Anuj come running to help Anupama as always?

    Will Anuj be able to solve the problem of Anupama?

    It would be highly interesting to see what happens next in the show.

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