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    HAADSA to bring down Anupama's career in Anupamaa

     Anupama to face next a horrible phase in her life in Anupama TV serial

    Not everything is going to be easier for either Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) or Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) in Star Plus TV serial Anupama upcoming episode.

    Anupama and Yashdeep are now the business partners.

    Yashdeep finally proposes Anupama but she rejects him because she only takes him as a friend.

    The upcoming track will now see Anupama facing a hard time in her life as suddenly she starts to expect the most unexpected.

    The horrible nightmare is now leaving Anupama scared to the core of losing her everything.

    And this is what will be now the next big twist.

    Anupama's new struggle

    Anupama is currently getting huge fame and name after winning the Super Chef comeptition.

    However, as per her nightmare, her one mistakes costs such a huge ruckus in her life that the judges come back to take away the victory trophy while there is a big riot breaks outside the restaurant.

    Do you think, Anupama can handle the stardom?

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