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    Anupama faces backlash from Yashdeep and restaurant Anuj turns thoughtful for her in Anupamaa

     Anupama: Anuj overheard the backlash coming towards Anupama standing for her trusting reality

    In the upcoming episodes of the most popular Star Plus show Anupama, the fans are going to ger glued to their TV screens.

    So far, the story is revolving around Anupama (Rupali Ganguli) enjoying the Stardom for winning Superstar Chef and now turning business woman.

    Meanwhile Anuj is all set to return to India for Dimple and Titu’s wedding whereas Shruti has decided to get married once Anuj returns.

    Following the same Anupama is seen working where as soon she gets her trophy celebration from Yashdeep and soon the happiness fades for her.

    As it turns out Anupama has lost her restaurant and Yashdeep is blaming her.

    Anuj supports AnupamaThis comes to Anuj where he knows Anupama can never do something wrong to lose her dream restaurant that she saved with her money.

    This makes Anuj thoughtful for Anupama as he wants to show Anupama is innocent.

    Let’s wait and watch the upcoming episodes of Anupama.

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