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    Savi WINS Akka Saheb’s Confidence & Respect Reeva insecure in GHKKPM

     Star Plus Show Ghum Hai KissiKey Pyaar Mein revolves around a compelling storyline.

    It was earlier seen that Savi will decide to leave Bhosale House as Akka Saheb and Yashwant Rao had asked her to do so.

    She will be seen on the doorstep and will be leaving but Ishaan will stop her from doing so.

    Akka Saheb and Yashwant Ra will be seen getting emotional as they failed to see the pain and agony that Anvi was going through over the years but she sensed the discomfort.

    Savi will be seen winning the confidence and respect of Akka Saheb by exposing Mukul Deshmukh even though rest of the family was against her.

    Ishaan apologise to SaviIshaan will also feel sad that he could not support Savi when she needed in the most.

    Reeva will start getting insecure as she will notice the family getting closer to Savi.

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