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    Vanraj turns DICTATOR stops Anupama’s interference in Shah House in Anupamaa


    Anupama: Vanraj stops Anupama’s interference in Shah House

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around huge twist in storyline.

    It seems that Vanraj is back and wants to take care of his family the right way.

    He will start taking care of his loved ones and will try to seek job as he has to support his family as well.

    Shockingly he has problem with Dimpy and Titu’s friendship and hence will start keeping a close watch on them as well.

    He will further request Anupama not to interfere in Shah House matter and maintain distance as its better for both the family.

    Anupama will start feeling scared as once again she is seeing the old arrogant and selfish Vanraj in front of her.

    Vanraj takes controlVanraj is trying to take control of the house in his hands as after Samar’s death many things have changed around him.

    Will Vanraj be able to keep his family together or not?

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