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    Savi face challenge to arrange money for Ninad’s Brain Surgery in GHKKPM

     GHKKPM: Savi new challenges aheadStar Plus Show Ghum Hai KissiKey Pyaar Mein revolves around a compelling storyline.

    It was earlier seen that Ninad and Bhavani will come to Pune as Ninad is not feeling well due to his Alzheimer disease.

    Bhavani and rest of the family will go to see the doctor and will realise that Ninad is in the last stage of his disease and only a brain surgery can save his life.

    However the doctor will inform Savi that the surgery is going to be very expensive and the family will need to pay at least 60 to 70 lakhs.

     This news will come as a shock to them as the family has no money to afford this expensive surgery.

    However Savi is not willing to give up so easily and will try to arrange money for her grandfather.

    Vinayak negative thinkingVinayak on the other hand will give up as he knows it’s not worth spending that amount on Ninad who is already very old.

    Will Savi be able to get Ninad a better life or not?

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