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    Biggest Hurdle starts for Savi after Ninad gets three weeks- notice to breath ahead in GHKKPM

    GHKKPM: Savi takes the responsibility of Ninad as doctor advices immediate action for Ninad
    In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus most popular and widely anticipated serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein fans can see more of drama.
    As of now Savi is making her future count just like her mother Sai while Ninad gets into trouble.

    Soon, Savi gets the news that Bhavani and Ninad are coming to Pune for the health updates.

    As it turns out Ninad’s condition is getting worse as he has reached the last stage of Alzheimer.

    There Ninad sees Savi and she is the only person Ninad recalls while he forgets about Vinayak.

    Soon the doctor advice brain surgery being the last option to safe Ninad while the doctor to do the surgery is rare to find.

    Savi stands with Family
    But Savi won’t let her grandfather leave her alone like this before giving everything for saving him.

    It seems now Savi is on mission to protect Ninad while she gets scary dreams of Samrudh.
    What will Savi do now after the challenges wrap around her and her family??

    Stay tuned and keep watching Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein for more updates.