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    Romil’s predictions turn actual!! Malti Devi separates Anuj Anupama framed America in Anupamaa

     Anupama: Anupama has Romil by her side meanwhile Malti Devi demands Anuj to leave her wifeThe Story of Anupama has lighted the entertainment volumes of every Indian household with noise.

    As of the recent episodes Anupama can clearly see through the tricks of Malti Devi to ruin her house.

    Yet Anupama tries to bring Malti Devi close to her son Anuj whom she found after years of regret.

    Following this Malti Devi wants to eliminate every other person who is dependant on Anuj for a stay.

    Thereof Romil sees that Malti Devi wants to separate Anuj and Anupama because of her jealousy.

    Seeing all the actions that Malti Devi does, Romil runs straight to Anupama to highlight the reality.

    Malti Devi wins as Anupama leaves for AMericaIt seems Romil has issued the warning sign while Malti Devi will win at the end as Anupama leaves.

    Following this the new journey will start for Anupama in America where she will only recall Choti and her husband Anuj.

    Will Anupama ever return back to her own house and give Malti Devi the answer for her actions??

    Stay tuned and keep watching all the episodes of Anupama for more updates.