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    Malti Devi accuse Pakhi for stealing money from Anuj’s cupboard in Anupamaa


    Anupama: Malti Devi accuse Pakhi for stealing moneyThe upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around huge twist in storyline

    It was earlier seen that Malti Devi and Pakhi will have an ugly face off, where Pakhi will give reality check to Malti Devi that she is in this house as guest.

    Pakhi will further remind Malti Devi how she left her own son to die and now is giving parental advice to Anupama.

    This will hurt Malti Devi as she never imagined in her wildest dream that Pakhi will taunt her for her past.

    Malti Devi will hence hatch a plan to kick everyone out of her son’s house one by one.

    She will start with Pakhi and accuse her of stealing money from Anuj’s cupboard.

    This is going to leave the entire house in state of shock as Pakhi has a shopping addiction and might had committed this sin.


    Anupama in state of shockWill Anupama be able to support her daughter or not?

    Will Pakhi be able to prove her innocence or not?

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