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    Shocking Death change Samar Anupama Dynamic forever in Anupamaa

     Anupama: Shocking Death to change Samar’s life foreverThe upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around Samar having an emotional breakdown.

    It seems that Samar will come to Kapadia House early in the morning with tears in his eyes.

    He will not be able to tell anything but hugs Anupama hard and starts crying.

    Shockingly Samar will reveal that his best friend has died in a road accident.

    He will further reveal that his best friend Manoj was the only son of his parents and has a wife who is pregnant.

    Samar for the first time will realize that life is very unpredictable and one should be prepared for everything.

    Anupama will be seen trying to calm Samar and request him to support Manoj’s family in whatever way he can.

    Samar and Anupama will once again bond and realize the importance of having loved ones around them and feel blessed in life.

    Samar changed outlookWill Samar be able to become the boy that Anupama could trust at any point of time or not?

    Will this death change Samar’s outlook towards life or not?

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