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    Oh No!! Nakul Misinterprets Anupama’s mistake Malti Devi cancels the deal in Anupamaa

    Anupamaa: Nakul brings misunderstanding for Anupama and Malti Devi for one reason
    The dreams and new journeys are waiting for Anupama in the serial Anupama that airs on Star Plus.
    Till the current buzz it seems Nakul has started to show his other side that is full of jealousy.

    Nakul is Malti Devi’s most obedient student and he is not less than a son to Malti Devi.

    It seems Nakul knows the truth that relates Malti Devi and he understands her inside out.

    But as Anupama has entered the Gurukul frame now Anupama is giving her best while Nakul gets ignored.

    Now Anupama has graced her art and Malti Devi sees her potential is more than Nakul.

    This has made Nakul furious while Malti Devi trusts him with the America work of Anupama.

    As Anupama is busy with the functions Nakul calls Anupama while he gets no answers.

    Nakul brings the storm for America journey of Anupama
    Well, now Nakul is about to see the opportunity to create misunderstanding for Malti Devi.

    It seems Anupama has taken a huge risk by not answering the call for which Nakul will bring the storm.
    Will Malti Devi still trust Nakul and cancel the America deal that she signed with Anupama??

    Stay tuned for more updates on Anupama.