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    Kinjal slaps harsh reality on Anupama's face in Anupamaa

    Anupama: Kinjal and Anupama's drastic confrontation on Kavya's arrival
    In the upcoming twist of Anupama TV serial, Kinjal and Anupama will have a major confrontation.

    Kavya is trying her hard to not let Anupama forgive Vanraj or bend before him.

    Kavya wants Anupama to take a strong stand for her self-respect and not let Vanraj or Baa humiliate her again.

    Kinjal gets frustrated when Kavya makes her reckless entry into the Shah house to meet Vanraj.

    Anupama vents out her anger saying Vanraj and Kavya's affair cannot be denied and this is why Kavya is here.

    Anupama's disappointment proves her insecurity which pricks in Kinjal's eyes.

    Kinjal shows a mirror of reality to Anupama asking why she is affected by Kavya and Vanraj's intimacy when she already broke her ties with Vanraj.

    Kinjal questions Anupama's conscience where Anupama still loves Vanraj and this is why she is bearing his dramas.

    Kinjal leaves in anger while Anupama gets frustrated thinking why she failed to break relation from the heart when she already broke ties with Vanraj.

    Anupama to not let Vanraj win again 
    Anupama gathers courage and decides to not let Vanraj affect her mind and heart again.
    Anupama recalls Kinjal's words and determines to not let Vanraj win again and prove her worth this time.

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